Firmly grounded in our independent roots and DIY principles, Eighty4 Music offers its artists and labels an experienced creative partner that will oversee your flow of music into the market place.

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Our management service is tailored for the few, not the many, which enables us to always remain personal and contactable. It means our clients are always a priority and never lost in the mix amongst hundreds of others.

✖️A subscription service

✖️A robot

✖️A conveyer belt of products

✖️A nameless, faceless entity focused on volume

We pride ourselves on being a bespoke, personal service that delivers results, through honest hard work, existing relationships and an ardent love of what we do.

Not just a partnership, but a creative coalition!

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Our Managment Services

Artist Management

We help artists find their feet in the industry, set realistic long-term goals and put bespoke teams together to help deliver their vision.

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Label Management

With over a decade of experience working with some of the biggest names and labels in independent music, Eighty4 Music is well placed to cater for any client and work towards making their vision a reality.

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