Artist Management

We help artists find their feet in the industry, set realistic long-term goals and put bespoke teams together to help deliver their vision. Our service is always personal and with the simple aim of ensuring our artists are catered for creatively and honestly, and always with the long-term plan firmly in sight.

  • Management of royalties, copyright licenses & fees

  • Management of relationships with record labels & distributors

  • Management of existing deals and the adherence to them

  • Actively seeking out and overseeing future deals with publishers, labels, merchandise companies, booking agents & endorsement opportunities

  • Build and implement a long-term strategy & direction for your path forward

  • Creating relationships with brands

  • Advising upon branding and marketing

  • Advising on & management of direct to fan relationships

  • Advising and overseeing social media activity & strategy

  • Appointing legal services where necessary

  • Appointing accounting services where necessary

  • Keep up to date with industry news, technology and legislation

  • Develop & maintain relationships for the good of its artists

  • Keep up to speed with patterns and changes in the music industry

  • Ensure that Eighty4 music is always best placed to advise our artists on any given area of the industry, and if required, have relationships with specialists who can offer specific guidance (lawyers / finance etc…)

Artists On Our Roster