Label Management

With over a decade of experience working with some of the biggest names and labels in independent music, Eighty4 Music is well placed to cater for any client and work towards making their vision a reality.

Our offer is simple: A dedicated partner in the UK to drive your label & artists forward. We handle all aspects of the day to day running of your label in the UK & EU and take a creative, proactive & frontline approach to deliver your ambitions.

  • To act on your behalf, and work with the very best interest of your label in mind as your dedicated team in the UK & Europe

  • Overseeing all sales & marketing activity

  • Create and implement multi-phase marketing strategies for new releases.

  • Create and oversee marketing budgets for each project

  • Manage existing relationships with distribution partners

  • Actively seek out new relationships with distribution partners if required

  • Managing promo teams across Europe and consolidating all information into one manageable weekly report for rightsholders

  • Creation of sales sheets for partners

  • Creation/adaptation of label copy

  • Generation of ISRC & Barcodes

  • Management of artist schedules when touring or campaigning locally

  • Creation of advertising or marketing materials using trusted companies and teams

  • Actively seek out new relationships for brand partnerships

  • Advise upon social media strategy & management for artists

  • Keep up to date with industry news, technology and legislation to ensure that any advice given is always well informed

  • Keep up to date with the ever-evolving patterns and changes in the music industry

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